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Improved conditions and calm in Saltadere.  Electricity is proceeding eastward and is expected in Saltadere. We were able to use the internet and to communicate with the USA. Friendship cards from sponsor given to students.

March 2019 Trip

Route to Saltadere: Fly into Santo Domingo, travel to Banica on the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Picked up in Banica and returned to Banica by Father Petina, travel from Banica to Santo Domingo for return flight.



  • Some Kiosks were not working.  After talks with Water Committee, repairs done or planned. Discussion of an alternate reservoir which could be a temporary solution while waiting to fund the big project.

  • Madi drop bars were distributed to areas where water is obtained from river or spring.

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School (in session)

  • No lunch for students because Caritas had not delivered the food which is supplied by Mary’s Meals.  It is unclear whether this was due to food unable to go from Port au Prince to Hinche.

  • One computer given to school secretary who is also computer teacher.  Computers were observed in use by older students using Microsoft Word.  There are 23 computers for the students.

  • Art project done with students, 60+ students in three classes.

  • Photos of preschool individual students done

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  • Days 4 Girls kits given to Dr. Joseph and Ludmilla Charlot, skilled birth attendant, along with instruction manuals.  They were pleased to have these.  They will assist with health education for adolescent girls as well as post-partum care.

  • Dr. Joseph had priorities of emergency kits which he will research price and for an ambulance.  He and Father had identified a vehicle for sale in Hinche.

  • Idea of annual physicals for students was discussed and appears feasible.

  • Both clinic and school are working together but when a sick child goes to the clinic and needs medicine, it is not clear who should bear the cost.

  • Dentist did not visit in Feb and maybe not in Jan due to unrest in Port au Prince.  He was expected to come the end of March. Dr. Joseph will ask him to inventory the dental equipment.

  • Photovoltaic panels and batteries are working well.


  • New roof proposal discussed, and Father got Engineer Leo to come and give proposal.

  • School is powered by the clinic.  Father wants the school solar panels to be moved to church roof to power rectory.

  • We were requested to assist with outstanding obligations of about $4000. Father would like $300 /month to buy food to give to the poor.  This has been an unusually dry season and farmers are unable to plant due to lack of rain.

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  • Met with coordinator and treasurer

  • They get no money from Caritas Hinche.  Their seed program fell apart and they wish to restart.  They have been loaning cows and goats with repayments.

  • There is a special project in the area, funded by Spain, which is helping to improve the expertise of area farmers.

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  •  Purchased from Mme. Gustave and from artisan house in Los Cacaos.

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